• Audio Restoration
  • Additional Music Mix
  • Audio Mix


Justin Hostynek once again asked David to work on Absinthe Films' annual release. TurboDojo follows a similar format to 2016's /fter Forever, with both new and familiar snowboarding faces.

Featured rider Brandon Cocard wrote some of the music in the film, which was mixed by David Lawrie.

The source audio required heavy audio restoration, and the overall audio mix was completed at Ishikawa Studios.


As with /fter Forever the source recordings were captured very much on the fly, with wind noise and various other interferences. Even though the required audio restoration needed a relatively heavy hand, the fact that music tends the main driving force in action sports films means that artefacts created during restoration are easily masked. The result is a pumping soundtrack with a sprinkling of diegetic sound.



Brandon Cocard, a rider featured in the film, is also an accomplished musician and songwriter. After publishers rejected requests to use music for his segment in the film, Brandon decided to write and record his own piece of music, as well as piece for another segment of the film. The song had a great feel, but it lacked the production finesse it needed to sit comfortably in the overall soundtrack.

Director Justin Hostynek arranged for the Logic session to be transferred to Ishikawa, where David re-amped guitars, and performed a complete mix of the music. Both songs sound like they belong in the soundtrack, and the DIY approach on Brandon's part really adds an extra layer of authenticity to the film!


As with /fter Forever, the audio mix for TurboDojo was achieved relatively quickly, seeing as it relied heavily on pre-mixed music. 

TurboDojo was toured in the USA/Canada and Europe some of the largest audiences Absinthe Films has attracted.