• Sound Design/Foley
  • Audio Mix



Of Shark And Man director David Diley asked David Lawrie to do the sound design and audio mix for his short underwater film The Arrival.

Even though Of Shark And Man could be referenced for a sonic direction, the abstract and lonely mood of The Arrival required a different approach. This is not a documentary, but rather a montage of aquatic vistas and marine behaviours. In order to fabricate a sonic signature for the underwater world, drone based tones were explored in order to give the environment a distant, yet almost musical character.

Because the music had been supplied with the footage, the sound design also had to respond to the emotional architecture of the musical elements, to which the film had been cut, so care was taken in order to not trespass on the main musical frequency bandwidth, at any given point of the music.

Subtle foley was added in order to accentuate certain movements on screen. This was to bring a sense of realism to the film, whilst not being so omni present as to detract from the lonely nature of the production.


The audio mix was delivered with moderate dynamics, as the film was primarily created for online streaming. Each streaming site has its own algorithm for adjusting levels of each video, in order to maintain a uniform perceived loudness for all videos.