• Production Sound Recording
  • Sound Design
  • Foley
  • Original Music Composition
  • Audio Mix

In the summer of 2018, The Nevada City Film Festival commissioned a team of creatives to put together a short film. Rick Beaty wrote the screenplay for Room 6, with additional help from Romero Avles, Robert Bryant, Zach Haller, and Ishikawa's David Lawrie.

By involving a sound designer from the start, the script could be altered to allow room for maximum sonic impact. Small changes, like changing the main antagonist's pacifier from a lollipop to a zippo lighter, meant that certain shots could rely more on sound to paint a picture of a character, rather than having to use multiple shots. The sound of a zippo lighter being flicked open and closed is quite universally recognisable, whereas a lollipop being sucked needs a visual reference. By making this change, not only could the opening shot be continuous, but we also establish something of a seedy cliché in the motel owner's personality.

The shoot lasted two nights, and the production sound was captured by David Lawrie, with assistant, Hannah McLean-Babe. Each night, after shooting was complete, additional background tones were recorded, in preparation for post production.

Sound design, foley, and score composition/production were completed over a four day period.