• Music Submission
  • Additional Sound Design
  • Audio Mix

Snowboarding legend Mike Basich asked David Lawrie if he could use some of his music in his short film, #mikeysdreamcatcher, which documents the construction of his newest tiny home. After agreeing upon the pieces of music, it was clear that the film needed some additional audio mixing in post production.

Ishikawa Media was able to turn around the audio side of this film in just one day.


After working through David Lawrie's back catalogue, two pieces fromĀ Dorothea's Boat, "Traffic Lights at Night [Yumiko]" and "The Serpent And Her Fangs," were chosen for the film. BecauseĀ Ishikawa Media has access to all of David Lawrie's recording sessions, project-specific mixes were achievable. By lowering the level of the beatboxing in "Traffic Lights...," the instrumental version of the song intruded on the film's dialogue far less.


Whilst putting together the music for the film, it was clear that a lot of work was needed, in order to improve the intelligibility of the audio. All of the footage was shot on GoPros - as was the audio and, therefore, was sometimes of a low quality. Mike and the video editor, Jay Herda, agreed with this observation.

Jay supplied an OMF file, containing all of the audio from the shots on the film. With a combination of audio restoration techniques, and creatively layering sounds from unused footage, clearer audio was achieved - maximising the narrative clarity.

The end product is a fantastic promotional piece, showcasing the passion Mike has, for his creative endeavours.