Martin Shears - One Liners


  • Additional Performance
  • Additional Engineering
  • Mixing
  • Mastering



Songwriter, multi instrumentalist, engineer, and producer Martin Shears came to David Lawrie with a collection of recorded songs, from different periods of time, different studios, and all in various stages of completion. With a desire to complete the album in a consistent manner, Martin and David engineered and performed various instruments in the studio. This included adding percussion and additional guitars performed by Martin, as well as zithers performed by David.

Other performances were captured by Martin and David at Tahoe Production House, where Martin also spends some of his time creating sounds with his own clients and collaborators.

Some of the songs that were to appear on the eventual album were already mixed, and access to the source files was limited, so they were used as a sonic foundation to reference throughout the process. After completing the arrangements for the songs “Me For A Day,” “95 Reasons,” “Alone With Everyone,” “A Song For Adrian,” “Mojo Knows,” and “Lonely” the final mixing duties were shared between David at Ishikawa, and Martin in his studio, Brilliant Recording.



For the songs that had not already been previously mixed, the mixing duties were split between Martin and David. Here at Ishikawa, David mixed “Me For A Day,” “A Song For Adrian,” and “Lonely.” “Alone With Everyone” and “Mojo Knows” were a joint mixing effort between Martin and David.

Oftentimes it is difficult to achieve a consistent feel between mixes that have been completed by different sets of ears, but the variety of styles on this album meant that consistency was achievable with frequent comparisons between each other’s mixes. In order to add that final glue to an album of this production approach, mastering is key.



Even in the early stages of working with Ishikawa, Martin knew the importance mastering would have on the overall album, and he asked for mastering recommendations. With so many of David’s mixes being mastered by the world class mastering engineer, Andy Wilson, he was the first suggestion. As the mixing process was completed, Andy was brought on board, and he mastered the album at his facility on the East Coast. Andy worked closely with Martin to make sure that the final product surpassed his expectations.

We are so proud of how this album turned out!