• Sound Design
  • Foley
  • Original Music Composition
  • Audio Mix

Camen Hodges, who was the chief cinematographer for Room 6, contacted David at Ishikawa when he was looking for audio post production solutions for his short film, Lock/Unlock. The film is a three minute, one-shot film, destined for Jakob Owens Horror Film Contest 2019. The film had already been shot, and production sound had been captured with a directional microphone, mounted to the camera, as well as two discreet microphones on set.

As is the case for so many contest submissions, the deadline for this project was tight. This posed many problems, seeing as there was absolutely no time to factor in ADR performances. With that being said, the production team had done a great job of capturing audio that was eligible for repair, rather than replacement. By using sophisticated audio repair tools, the dialogue was fixed, and a spotting session meant creating the backgrounds, foley, and sound design was very focused.

The score was composed to timecode, rather than time signature, and it reacted to the initial sound design ideas.

The audio post production for this film was completed in 16 hours, including the re-recording mix.