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Long before the conception of Ishikawa Media, David Lawrie created Parasol with bestselling author, David Lines. At the time, a fresh graduate from his master’s degree at Leeds College of Music (now Leeds Conservatoire), this was one of Lawrie’s first collaborative productions.

Even though the album was completed in 2010, various obstacles caused the project to be shelved. Fast-forward to 2020, and the Pandemic allowed for a lot of previously unreleased projects to resurface.

Because the album had been completed very early in Lawrie’s career, a consideration was made as to whether or not it should be mixed again. After talking with our mastering guru, Andy Wilson, it was decided that the mix should not be touched, as it serves as more of a snapshot of the magic that was created in the moment. Instead, Wilson took the mixes in order to give the masters a facelift for imminent release.



Parasol Cover
Parasol Sleeve Art 1
Parasol Sleeve Art 2
Parasol Sleeve Art 3
Parasol Sleeve Art 4
Parasol Back Cover Art

Upon arriving in England at the end of 2020, Lawrie was required to spend ten days in mandatory self-isolation. During this time he took many photographs of the area, which was very close to the place where the album was written around a decade earlier. Under his HARUKO guise, he used these photographs as the basis for the minimalist artwork for the digital and physical CD releases.



A video for the opening song Applebox was pieced together by using footage from the local area, as well as royalty free-footage that helped to capture the spirit of the lyrics. As well as footage shot by Lawrie under his HARUKO guise, the video also features footage that long time collaborator (and owner of Scarlet View Media) David Diley had shot in the past. All content contributors were credited at the end of the video - including those whose royalty-free footage had been used. At Ishikawa we feel it is important for people to be credited accordingly, and where possible, we make sure that is the case.



A bespoke website was created for the album at www.parasolthealbum.com - using artwork elements from album, as well as relevant segments from the press release (which was also created here at Ishikawa). With a direct link to the Kickstarter campaign, this undoubtedly helped to convert some of those who were casually interested into backers of the project.



As a grassroots, independent release, Ishikawa managed the entire release. From putting together all of the deliverables to preparing the successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, along with organising digital distribution to all major outlets and creating a bespoke Bandcamp page, all aspects were handled in-house, which has resulted in a consistent feel throughout. An electronic press kit (EPK) was put together as a password-protected section of the website.

This is a project of which we are very proud. David Lawrie has always steered away from emulating what is vogue at the present moment, and as such, the music is not “of an era.” Parasol is a perfect example of this. It was an odd and unique project in 2010, and over a decade later, no revisions were needed in order to release it.