• Sound Design/Foley
  • Re-recording Audio Mix


PANASONIC commissioned Of Shark And Man director David Diley to shoot a promotional piece for the EVA 1 camera - specifically for its suitability for underwater shooting.

Shot in Australia in 2019, the audio post production duties were handed to David Lawrie. By using reference audio supplied from the production sound, nearly all backgrounds and production sound effects were replaced with field recordings and foley in the studio. By using The Arrival as a reference for the underwater mood, the abstract “drone” of the Blue Mind environment was crafted.

As with The Arrival, the music had been supplied, which meant there was already an emotional architecture to follow. Balancing the sound design with a very full score, such as this, is often tricky, but with patience and attention to detail, the most appropriate mix was completed.


Knowing that Blue Mind was destined primarily for online streaming, a healthy loudness of -16.0 LUFS was where the final mix landed. This is louder than what would be permitted on television, but is more suitable for a variety of playback devices. Most online streaming services will not adjust the playback level of a -16.0 LUFS audio signal.