• Sound Design
  • Ident Music Composition
  • Audio Mix

Autometrix, in collaboration with Allied Cycles, contacted Cinematographer and Director of Photography, Robert Bryant, and Animator and Editor, Romero Alves to oversee and execute a promotional piece for the company, using the latest in VR/360 filming technology. They contacted David at Ishikawa to take care of the audio post production. By taking the stereo location recordings that were captured at the filming location, along with mono foley recordings and sound design elements, all audio was converted into ambisonic B format.

The company logo screen needed a musical ident, which was composed specifically for a 360/VR environment.

the main piece of music was supplied to the production from a production library, and with creative manipulation of the 360 sound sphere, a “static” stereo image was maintained to a satisfactory degree (without this consideration, the music would “move” with the listener’s movements, and become distracting).

Ishikawa Media was able to turn around the audio side of this film in just two days.

Please note that not all browsers support 360 video yet.