• Audio Restoration
  • Additional Sound Design
  • Audio Mix

In the spring of 2016, Justin Hostynek (Absinthe Films) stopped by to check out the studio. Not long after, he asked David to do the audio mix for /fter Forever.

Once the materials were supplied, David also took on some additional sound design and audio restoration responsibilities.


Because of the nature of shooting action sports, everything is "in the moment." With that being said, audio can often suffer due to a lack of time to prepare. It might be due to high winds, too much space between the microphone and the subject, or that a shot was simply too visually impressive to not use. Thankfully, most of the audio can now be repaired and restored quickly, with state of the art spectral tools.

Justin was keen for the music to be the main driving force, so any captured sound should be used sparingly. Once an agreement had been made with regards to where the captured sound should sit in the scenes, those specific audio segments could be restored. This was a great way to speed up the workflow, seeing as otherwise, it would have taken much longer to restore all the captured audio.


After restoring and aligning the useful audio segments, small portions of additional sound design were created to blend everything together. There were some shots that had been beautifully shot, but for which there was no captured sound. In these few instances, elements from the discarded audio were used, along with some subtle foley and other techniques, to create convincing sonic representations of what was on screen.


The overall audio mix was done relatively quickly, after balancing the varying dynamic ranges, and perceived "loudness" of the individual pieces of music. The goal was for the sound design to not invade the energy and flow of the music too much, but to add just enough impact to keep the whole film engaging.


/Fter Forever had two extensive tours - one in the USA/Canada, the other in Europe - to captivated audiences. It continues the string of success that Absinthe Films has had since its humble beginnings.