The facilities and equipment at Ishikawa Media are geared towards achieving high end sound quality, maintaining flexibility in different workflows, and making sure the recording process of any project remains as creative as possible. Each member of the team also has their own personal spaces, geared towards their specialties.  When working with us to produce your audio project, we can make use of our network of recording and production facilities, as well as our location recording equipment.


For all productions with us, the use of our facilities is included with the production quote. Because most of these facilities are privately owned, and used for composition and other commissions, we do not run like most commercial studios (where the fee you pay will normally only secure the recording space and an in-house engineer, meaning you will have to pay extra to bring in a producer and/or other personnel). The Ishikawa approach means that you can work with an internationally renowned producers, with high end recording gear, and also save a significant amount of money.

If, during the initial project planning, it is decided that some parts of the production require recording time in other facilities (for example, to record a particularly large ensemble), then any such costs will be factored into the budget. We have years of experience with recording in various studios around the world, and we are also able to use our location recording skills to record ensembles in more unusual spaces, which can often keep costs down.


Because Ishikawa Media is mainly involved with  large/long projects and commissions, our availability as a pay-per-day facility is limited. With that being said, there are sometimes openings for the studio to be used in such a manner, so please get in touch via the contact form to check availability.