The Ishikawa team has collectively worked with many artist, in many genres, and each team member has specialist knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. David Lawrie is the primary producer at Ishikawa, but each member has a rich and varied career, and together they have years of experience working with a variety of different musical artists, film creators, and corporate clients. Please visit the Colleagues/Clients page to see a selection of clients that have called upon the expertise of the Ishikawa team to bring their projects to life.



If you are looking to work with a Ishikawa Media to take your music to the next level, there are three key phases. Pre Production, Productio, and Mixing/Post Production. Mastering is not included in this list, as it is best to outsource this to another set of ears (we work closely with Andy Wilson Mastering for this stage), but it is a vital part of music production - especially in the case of contemporary popular music.


Whether your project is a single song for digital release, or a full length concept album to be released on multiple formats - with accompanying artwork, music videos, and digital content - its best chance of succeeding is by having a strong production plan from the start. Clarifying end goals, identifying clear production paths, as well as preparing and creating as many contingency plans for as many foreseeable road-bumps as possible will ultimately save time money, and waste as little creative energy as possible...


The facilities and equipment at Ishikawa Media are geared towards achieving high end sound quality, maintaining flexibility in different workflows, and making sure the recording process of any project remains as creative as possible...


Whether you have recorded with us or at another facility, mixing is a step of the production process that can be purely functional, or dramatically creative. At Ishikawa we take our years of mixing experience across many genres, blending analogue circuitry with digital processing, for endless possibilities in post production…